LUX SKIN® Hydrating Eye Patches (5 Pack)

LUX SKIN® Hydrating Eye Patches (5 Pack)

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What it is: Pink eye patches packed with ingredients to help rejuvenate and restore your under-eye area.

Why it's special: 
  • Reduce dark circles, puffy eye bags, dryness and dullness.
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast 10 minute treatment
  • 5 pack = 10 patches

The Benefits Of A kuddly Weighted Blanket

  • Sleep great, feel great

    Helps you enjoy deep undisturbed sleep by reducing pain and promoting relaxation.

  • Reduces stress & anxiety

    Known for lowering cortisol which eases the mind, and provides a sensation of calm.

  • Increases happiness

    Deep Pressure Stimulation can increase happy hormones by at least 30%.